Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Steps for Success with AIC. American Integrity Courses

Have you been instructed by a judge to take court-ordered education courses online? Whether you've been ordered to take an online drug and alcohol course, a decision-making course or any of the other courses we offer, enrolling in our online courses can help you to meet your court requirements. Are you unsure how to begin the process? We have compiled the following guide to help you complete your courses through AIC. American Integrity Courses.

Step 1 - If required, print out the form verifying our nationally recognized courses for the presiding judge or court official to sign off on in advance of starting your course.

Step 2 - Enroll in the course you need, which is found under the courses tab. Select the number of required hours and follow the instructions for purchasing.

Step 3 - Begin the course you've chosen. You may start the course at your convenience and return to it at a later time. After logging in for the first time, locate the workbook at the top of the page and print it. Be sure to carefully read each slide, answer the exam questions, and complete the workbook.

Step 4 - Once you've completed the course materials you should take the final exam. You can then print your personalized Certification of Completion and Summary Report.

Upon completion of the course material and successfully passing the exam, you will present the judge with proof of completion. Review our full list of course details and contact us with any questions you have regarding our offerings. Don't see a class you need? We'll build one for you. Call us at 936-333-0087 today.