Friday, May 3, 2019

Recognizing Signs of Anger Management Problems

Do you often find yourself angry or acting out violently to situations that maybe don't warrant such a huge emotional outburst? While it’s important that anger doesn’t get bottled up, maintaining control over your anger is crucial to keeping your cool and ensures that outward expressions of anger doesn’t negatively impact your relationships.

Anger is an entirely natural emotion, but how you deal with these feelings when you've been mistreated or wronged is important. When your anger turns to violence and causes harm to yourself or others, your anger management difficulties can lead to broken relations, loss of a job, or legal troubles.

Be on the lookout for the following behavior patterns attributed to anger management difficulties:
·         Ignoring people or refusing to speak to them
·         Problems with expressing emotions in a calm and healthy way
·         Struggle to compromise or come to an agreement without getting angry
·         Outward aggression including shouting, swearing, or being physically violent
·         Becoming especially angry or violent when consuming alcohol
·         Substance abuse or addiction

If you struggle to control your anger and have found yourself in legal troubles that require you to enroll in court-ordered anger management classes, AIC. American Integrity Courses is here to help. Visit to learn more about our anger management classes and all of our online education courses.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Why Court Ordered Classes Can Be A Positive

Today, court ordered classes are a common practice for first-time offenders, as opposed to a judge ordering jail time or hefty fines. Education classes are a chance to learn something new and to change your behavior positively. Court ordered classes can give you a new lease on life and allow you to continue to be a productive member of society, as opposed to a prison inmate.
Court ordered classes might present themselves as punishment for your wrongdoing, but if you stop to think about it, you might see them for the blessing that they are. Whether you have an ongoing battle with alcohol addiction, drug abuse, or domestic violence, the "punishment" of court-ordered education classes can be an opportunity for you to get the counseling and support you need to improve yourself.

At AIC. American Integrity Courses we have worked diligently to create an extensive line of education courses that will help you to learn, grow, and prosper. We are dedicated to providing friendly and compassionate customer service while helping you find success with our programs. If you're uncertain of the specific course or time allotment you should be enrolling in, call us. You can expect a professional, welcoming, and courteous voice on the other end of the call. Our number one goal is to help you succeed in our court-ordered classes and achieve your goals. 

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Use this opportunity to look for the good in the situation and improve your life for the better. Contact us today to learn more about our online education courses.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

How Keeping A Positive Attitude Helps

Learning how to deal with stress productively, while maintaining a positive attitude, can help you have a better perspective as you go about your days. But for those with a short fuse, positive thinking and stress management can also help you learn to control your temper. Positive thinking makes such a big difference in our lives, particularly for our happiness and well-being. Everyone has bad days, but the positivity we are talking about is having more optimistic thoughts than negative thoughts daily.

A positive attitude can help change your life for the better. Through AIC. American Integrity Courses our online anger management courses teach people how to control their thoughts and emotions in order to improve their life.

If your goal is to change your outlook and improve your attitude for the better you can work on developing the habit of positive thinking with these tips:
ü  Be optimistic and expect more positive outcomes instead of negative ones
ü  Appreciate what you already have as opposed to focusing on what you do not
ü  Find reasons to smile more often
ü  Engage in recreational activities that bring you joy
ü  Keep a thought journal for reflection
ü  Follow a healthy lifestyle
ü  Exercise at least three times a week
ü  Surround yourself with other positive-minded, happy people

AIC. American Integrity Courses offers online anger management courses that can help you learn healthy coping mechanisms and change your negative attitude into a positive outlook on life. Enroll today at

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

What Are The Benefits Of An Online Drug and Alcohol Course?

Depending on the details of your particular case, the judge may have ordered you to enroll in an online drug and alcohol course as part of your punishment. This offer has the potential to allow you to avoid jail time or to have the charges dropped entirely upon successful completion of the course. If this is the case for you, this is a turning point and a golden opportunity to better your life and move past whatever brought you to this crossroads.

Another benefit to an online drug and alcohol course is that it doesn't interrupt your life the way an in-person course would. For a lot of people, taking off work isn't an option. With an online course, you don't need to. This way, you can continue working and living your life while taking your required course hours.

Online drug and alcohol courses through AIC. American Integrity Courses can be beneficial to you for a number of reasons. First, as we mentioned, the online course minimizes the disruption to your life. It allows you to take the courses whenever you have time in your day. Second, our courses are reasonably priced. For a four hour course, you'll pay as little as $22. Third, we offer instant proof of completion. When you finish your course, you will be emailed a certificate of completion immediately.

While an online drug and alcohol course may feel like a punishment, consider it a second chance that will allow you to improve upon your past indiscretions and work towards a brighter future. Contact AIC. American Integrity Courses to get started today.

Friday, March 8, 2019

How To Make Better Decisions In Your Life

Life is filled with choices. Whether you're deciding about a new job you've been offered that requires relocating or how you'll spend your money, making tough decisions happen at some point in everyone's life.

Good decision making is about using critical thinking to weigh the pros and cons of your choice in order to arrive at the decision that's best for you. Making choices can be scary. What happens if you make the wrong one? What will the immediate ramifications be if you make the wrong decision? What are the long-term consequences of making a bad decision?

First, be aware of what you want. The best way to make a decision is by knowing what your goals are. Ask yourself some critical questions. Will this negatively affect my life? Is this the direction I want to go? Whether you're making a choice about your relationship, your family, your job, or your general well-being, every decision you make should be made with your best interest in mind.

Unfortunately, it's very easy to make poor decisions when not utilizing critical thinking and considering the short and long-term benefits and consequences, or when acting on emotion only. If you've been ordered by a judge to enroll in a decision-making course, AIC. American Integrity Courses offers court-approved courses for juveniles and adults. These courses will teach you how to make good decisions that direct your destiny and fulfill your goals and dreams. Enroll today by visiting our website. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Steps for Success with AIC. American Integrity Courses

Have you been instructed by a judge to take court-ordered education courses online? Whether you've been ordered to take an online drug and alcohol course, a decision-making course or any of the other courses we offer, enrolling in our online courses can help you to meet your court requirements. Are you unsure how to begin the process? We have compiled the following guide to help you complete your courses through AIC. American Integrity Courses.

Step 1 - If required, print out the form verifying our nationally recognized courses for the presiding judge or court official to sign off on in advance of starting your course.

Step 2 - Enroll in the course you need, which is found under the courses tab. Select the number of required hours and follow the instructions for purchasing.

Step 3 - Begin the course you've chosen. You may start the course at your convenience and return to it at a later time. After logging in for the first time, locate the workbook at the top of the page and print it. Be sure to carefully read each slide, answer the exam questions, and complete the workbook.

Step 4 - Once you've completed the course materials you should take the final exam. You can then print your personalized Certification of Completion and Summary Report.

Upon completion of the course material and successfully passing the exam, you will present the judge with proof of completion. Review our full list of course details and contact us with any questions you have regarding our offerings. Don't see a class you need? We'll build one for you. Call us at 936-333-0087 today.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Effective Problem Solving Tools

Problem-solving and decision making go hand in hand. You cannot solve a problem without making a decision. However, when you have trouble making decisions, problem-solving can be especially tricky. There are typically two types of decision makers - those who take a rational, systematic approach to problem-solving and those who use intuition, or their emotions and gut instinct, in deciding what's right.

While we're often told to follow our gut when it comes to making important life decisions,  it's helpful to approach the topic using both rational and intuitive approaches. Here we lay out a six-step approach for effective problem-solving.

ü  Identify the problem
ü  Search for alternatives
ü  Weigh the alternatives
ü  Make a choice
ü  Implement the choice
ü  Evaluate the results

Developing good decision-making skills is something we all need to learn and continue to improve upon. If you've been ordered by a court to take a decision-making course, enroll today in AIC. American Integrity Courses online courses. Decision making plays a vital role in everyone's life. Working on and improving your decision-making skills will help you in all areas of your life.  Visit our website to learn more and to enroll in AIC. American Integrity Courses today.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence and Abuse with Intervention

Every year, more than 10 million men and women experience emotional abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, and more. That’s 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men. Domestic violence and abuse are toxic to a relationship. If, for whatever reason, things have escalated in your relationship to the point of physical or verbal abuse and you've been ordered by a judge to receive education for this issue, AIC.American Integrity Courses offers courses that can help improve the skills you need to communicate more effectively, develop stress management techniques, improve impulse control and much more.

The long-term effects of domestic violence are far-reaching and often devastating for victims. This cycle can end with help. Intervention for domestic abuse offenders can help you to cope with the issues you are personally having and can lead to repaired relationships with your loved ones. Through the understanding and acceptance of the cycle of abuse, your issues can be treated. Getting help is the most critical step for both the victim and the abuser. We hope that through education, we can start you down that path to a better life!

Allow us to educate you on domestic abuse through our domestic violence and abuse courses. Our domestic violence online course ranges from a four-hour course to 52-hours, depending on your requirements. Enroll today and get started on the road to healing and happiness.