Tuesday, July 2, 2019

How to Remain In Good Standing with the Law after a Court Ordered Class

court ordered classes
When you have been directed by the court to complete a course, such as decision making or anger management, then that is an opportunity to solidify your standing as a law-abiding citizen.

Once you complete an online course, like the ones offered at AIC. American Integrity Courses, you will be able to stay on the good side of the law by accessing and applying all of the skills, techniques, and coping mechanisms you have learned during your studies.

Some high-quality courses also provide materials that you can use even after you are finished the course. Workbooks are a valuable resource to have and refer to on occasion if you find yourself in a situation which calls upon your newfound skills.

Not all court-ordered classes are created equal. Some are in physical classrooms and require you to alter your schedule to attend them. The most efficient choice, so you can quickly complete your course and meet the conditions imposed by the court, is to take an online course.

Once you’ve taken an online class, you can also fully adhere to the court conditions by forwarding a copy of your completion certificate to the appropriate officials as proof that you successfully finished. This shows that you are working hard to comply with the court order and fully remain within the bounds of the law.

Get the Most Out of Your Court-Ordered Decision-Making Course

decision making course
If you have been ordered by the court to take a decision-making course, it is in your best interest to complete it as soon as possible. In this way, you’ve shown your sincerity regarding self-improvement and meeting all conditions imposed by the judge. Also, if you take the course as soon as possible, there is no risk of setting it aside and having it forgotten in the demands inherent in a busy modern life.

Make sure the course you choose is appropriate in the eyes of the justice system. At AIC. American Integrity Courses, our courses are accepted in 99.9% of jurisdictions across the United States and recognized internationally. This means that you won’t waste your time by taking a course that is rejected by court officials as inappropriate or insufficient.

Online courses are very convenient as you can complete them on your own schedule rather than having to take time away from work or other commitments to sit in a classroom and do the required work. Pay by credit card, and you can begin course work right away.

One very effective way of getting the greatest benefit from the course is by taking the lessons from it and applying them to your daily life. Reflect on what you learn and sincerely attempt to act on the information. Not only will this help prevent a repeat offense, but it will vastly improve your life. Don’t just take the course to get it over with, learn from the experience. 

When you’re finished, simply download your course completion certificate and forward it to interested court officials.

Bullying and Juvenile Anger Management

court-ordered anger management classes
Bullying is a serious problem among school-aged children and adolescents, with the effects of it found in schools all across America. Administrators and teachers work hard to prevent and stop physical or verbal bullying before it even has the chance to start.

It is a fact that children who are bullied experience real suffering that can interfere with their social and emotional development, as well as their school performance. Often, children and adolescents who bully thrive on controlling or dominating others. But why do kids become bullies?

There are several reasons why kids bully others. Problems at home are often the cause of the learned behavior. Also, personality types that are aggressive, impulsive, dominating, and lacking empathy and social skills are known to bully. Today, children and teens are more stressed than ever, with some of them acting out their frustrations on others. Additionally, research has shown that teens that are overconfident and feel they are smarter, taller, richer, more popular, or better looking than others will be cruel. Finally, a major reason bullies bully is because of their own insecurities. By harassing another, they think they will impress their friends and peers, making them more popular.

If your child is bullying others and is required to enroll in court-ordered anger management classes, our juvenile anger management, bullying, and cyberbullying course will help students better understand their anger so they can make healthy and successful choices and build strong relationships. Visit our website at AmericanIntegrityCourses.com to learn more and to enroll today.

5 Tips To Prevent Teens From Texting and Driving

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One of the leading causes of car accidents today is from texting and driving. In this age of technology, where we feel the need to be glued to our phone and accessible 24/7, not enough caution is taken regarding driving and phone usage. Sure, we're often told not the text and drive, but all too often teens and even parents are doing it anyway.

Parents of new drivers worry endlessly when their teens start driving. Instilling safe driving habits also means discussing texting and driving and laying out your rules and expectations to keep them safe. It's never easy to talk to a teen about their safety and make them appreciate just how serious the topic is, but these tips are a good starting point for your discussion.

1. Turn the volume and vibration settings off to avoid the temptation to grab the phone when you hear it ring, chime, or vibrate.

2. Keep the phone out of reach and out of sight to ensure you won't be checking it for messages or calls.
3. Pull over and park if it's urgent that you send a message or answer an incoming call. If an issue is not important enough to pull over, it is not important enough to risk your life over.   

4. Parents must lead by example when it comes to distracted driving. You can't expect your teen to abide by your rules when you aren't in the car with them if you are taking calls or texting while driving.

5. Enroll in a safety course that focuses on texting and driving and how to avoid distracted driving. At American Integrity Courses, we know just how important this topic is. We are currently designing a texting and driving course that will benefit those who need to take court-ordered classes on the subject, or for anyone who wants to learn more about this important safety topic. Contact us today at 963-333-0087 for more information.