Monday, June 25, 2018

Our New Weapons Safety Course

If you are found in possession of an illegal weapon, a judge may order you to take a weapons safety course. Here at AIC. American Integrity Courses, we are now proud to say that we offer such a course! Starting at just $25, you can complete your course and instantly receive the documents you need for court all from the comfort of your home, or anywhere you can access the internet.
Receive a Better Sentence
When you are ordered by a judge to complete a course, it is often done in exchange for a lighter sentence or a dismissal of a case. Completing an educational course shows the judge that you are willing to correct your behavior. If you are a first-time offender, it is always better to opt for the class instead of fines or jail time.
User-Friendly Courses Designed for You
Our court-ordered courses are user-friendly and affordable. No matter how tech-savvy you are (or aren’t!) you can complete this weapons safety course with ease. Our course applies to illegal weapons charges in any state, so you can be sure that your documents will be accepted in court.
We Want You to Succeed
We design our courses to meet your needs. At AIC. American Integrity Courses we want you to succeed. That’s why we create courses that will be accepted in 99.9% of courts. Contact us today for more information. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Demonstrating Your Willingness to Change

adult couple holding hands
Drug use and alcoholism ruins the lives of your loved ones. Even if your spouse or partner chooses not to leave, you simply owe it to your family to do better. By taking the initiative to prove your willingness to change, you’ll have a happier future to look forward to.
Enroll in Classes
Completing an online drug and alcohol course will show your commitment to making a change - and since you can take the classes online, you won’t have to worry about missing work or rearranging your schedule. By the end of the course, you’ll have a personalized certificate of completion to prove you’re taking the steps to get better.
Sign Up for Therapy
Therapists who specialize in addiction recovery can often help people set empowering short-term goals as they work to overcome their addiction. Your loved one may prove more forgiving when she hears you’ve been attending sessions to save your relationship.
Evaluate Your Inner Circle
If you have friends or other family members who partake in drugs and alcohol, the pressure to join can be troubling. However, if your friends never called you out when your behavior became dangerous (or even pushed you to use more), they are likely contributing to your addiction. Real friends will support your decision to create a healthy, productive and sober lifestyle - even if it isn’t a choice they are ready to make for themselves right now.