Saturday, December 1, 2018

Tips for Making Good Decisions

Life is full of decision-making. The big ones, made at crucial times in your life, they can decide the person you become and affect your future, while others can be more trivial.

Making good decisions requires forethought and effort. Deciding which cereal to eat for breakfast isn't a significant decision that involves real consequences, but choosing the right job, starting your own business, or figuring out how much you need to save for retirement can be life-changing.
The daily decisions we make create our reality and shape who we are as individuals. Do you want to start making successful choices that will continually move you in the direction of your dreams?

For those decisions that are complex and difficult to make, these are a few points to consider to help come up with a good solution.
Use your brain: It's important to find the balance between emotion (the right side) and reason (the left side).
Visualize your future: Take a moment to think about what success means to you. When you have a positive mental image, you can see yourself as a successful person.
Recognize the power behind each decision:  Before you make a decision, you need to understand the effects of your choice. Any decision that you make causes a chain of events to happen.
Listen to your gut: When you find yourself wavering between multiple options, your intuition is one of your most powerful decision-making tools.
Align your core values and decisions: Make your choices based on whether or not they align with your values, passions, and priorities.

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