Thursday, January 16, 2020

Know What Can Trigger Domestic Violence Attacks

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Violent episodes between intimate partners are serious offenses--and people who are convicted of them may need to take court-approved domestic violence classes online or through an approved institution. The abuser can face criminal charges, and the victim can experience emotional trauma. To understand violence and abuse in relationships, it is important to analyze the causes of domestic violence. In this article, we will briefly talk about the possible causes of domestic violence.

For a very long time, it was assumed that alcohol and substance abuse were a leading cause of violent domestic disputes. Alcohol can impair judgment, reduce inhibitions, and increase aggression. However, there is no scientific evidence that abusing drugs is the cause of a violent attack--in many instances; it exacerbates the situation that ultimately leads to an episode.

Another approach to finding the causes had led to researchers interviewing victims and abusers, and recounting the moment before the violence happened. A common strain in these interviews is accusations of sexual infidelity, also known as “cheating,” triggered a violent outburst. The suspicion of cheating sparked arguments, which ultimately led to violence.

Human relationships are complex, and there is never a sole cause of any interaction. Researchers have also discovered that other factors have come into play when analyzing domestic violence. The subjects of violent incidents may also be going through untreated mental health issues, are suffering through drug and alcohol abuse, or have relationship histories that involve infidelity.

Domestic violence is never a comfortable topic--however, it is an important one that requires understanding, discussion, and action. Seek professional guidance if you have concerns about domestic violence.

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