Friday, February 7, 2020

Free Courses Available from AIC. American Integrity Courses

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Moving past a legal offense is already difficult. Taking the courses you need to comply with a judge’s orders shouldn’t make it even harder. At AIC. American Integrity Courses, we give you the opportunity to complete court-ordered classes online, freeing up your schedule and letting you make positive steps forward. Best of all, some of our offerings are free, including:

  • 1-Hour HIV/AIDS Awareness
  • Drinking and Driving Victim’s Impact Panel
  • Domestic Violence Victim’s Impact Panel

Each course covers the topic in-depth while still respecting your time and attention. No matter the reason for the court’s decision, we make sure you have an option that lets you move on with your life and focus on making improvements for the future.

What Our Courses Cover

Our HIV/AIDS awareness class breaks down important facts and statistics about these diseases and their treatment options. Knowing about transmission, symptoms, and other key elements can help you keep yourself and others safe. As for our victim’s impact panels, they fill the vital role of helping you understand the consequences of your mistakes. This is important for your own growth, but it also shows the court that you’re willing to do the reparative work necessary to avoid harsher punishments.

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