Monday, November 26, 2018

Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

drinking and driving
Alcoholism is a very serious condition that can destroy your life. Here are some signs that you may be developing this disorder:
·         You typically drink more alcohol than you intend or drink over a longer period of time.
·         You attempt and fail to cut back on your alcohol use.
·         You spend more and more time acquiring alcohol, drinking, and recovering from the effects.
·         You start experiencing cravings for alcohol.
·         Your use of alcohol starts to affect your daily life at school, work, or home.
·         You continue to drink despite the problems it is causing in your life.
·         You pull away from social, occupational, or recreational activities that you used to enjoy because you are drinking instead.
·         You drink even though you have a health issue that is worsened by alcohol.
·         You use alcohol in hazardous situations, like driving.
·         You experience withdrawal symptoms when you do not drink.
·         You begin developing a tolerance for alcohol, requiring more and more to experience the same effects.
Excessive use of alcohol can have serious effects on your life, including physical symptoms like bad breath, weight loss, dry skin and hair, premature aging, broken capillaries in your nose and face, jaundice, and bad hygiene.
There are many treatments available for those who wish to be free from alcoholism, including taking an online drug and alcohol course from AIC. American Integrity Courses. If you have been ordered by a judge to complete an educational course because of your drinking or substance abuse issues, visit today.

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