Monday, November 26, 2018

AIC. American Integrity Courses Offers New “John School” Course

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AIC. American Integrity Courses offers court-ordered courses conveniently online from as low as $10. We are continually looking to add classes that meet the needs of our customers, so that everyone has the opportunity to take a necessary education course from the comfort of their own homes, at their own pace, for an affordable price. Our most recent addition to our extensive selection of courses is a “john” education course.
What is John School?
Our John school course is aimed at the clients of prostitutes, who are referred to as “johns” in the United States. This is a diversion program designed for people who have been arrested for soliciting the services of a prostitute, or a related offense.
A judge may order an offender to complete an educational course like this one in place of jail time. They may also offer a lighter sentence if the course is completed.
Our courses are 99.9% guaranteed to be approved in court, and completion certificates are instantly emailed to you once you complete the course. All of our courses are professionally designed. Whether you have been ordered to take a decision making course, a john school course, or even a domestic violence course, you can enroll online at

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