Friday, February 26, 2021

Behavior Change Is Possible for Abusers

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If you have noticed some unhealthy or abusive behaviors in yourself and have decided you wish to make changes to improve. Thats wonderful! Youve already completed the first step of behavior change: recognizing that there is a problem. It can be possible for abusive partners to change by breaking unhealthy yet familiar patterns. Lets look closer at the process of changing behavior. These steps are covered in many court-approved domestic violence classes online.

Identify Problem Behaviours

Replace any problematic behaviors with good ones. For ideas, read about what healthy relationships look and feel like. You may also look into communication, conflict resolution, respecting boundaries, equality, dealing with anger, and practicing self-care.

Set Goals for Behaviors You Wish To Stop and Start

Create a plan for how to reach your goals and maintain your new behaviors. Often, court-approved domestic violence classes online suggest ideas like jotting down a bullet point list of healthy responses for every problem behavior you identified. This helps commit things to memory, and you have a hard copy to redirect yourself if needed.

Create a Plan and Put In Effort To Reach Goals

Create a plan to reach these goals and maintain your new behaviors. A crucial part of this step is thinking about ways to reward yourself for making progress. This might include eating your favorite food, buying yourself something, or even watching a movie or playing a video game youve been excited about.


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