Friday, February 26, 2021

Take Court-Ordered Shoplifting Awareness Classes Online

woman taking online course
Education plays a critical role in changing the behavior of people found guilty of misdemeanors and crimes. For example, those convicted of shoplifting benefit from online courses that help them understand their behavior – mainly how thoughts and stress play a role in stealing. The goal is to empower shoplifters to choose not to steal.

These court-ordered classes online offer the benefits of anonymity -- which the offenders prefer -- and cost reduction -- which is less expensive for those who have to pay the bills.

Courses to Raise Awareness & Change Behavior

There are many reasons why people steal. Often, juveniles shoplift with a group of their friends for fun or a dare. Some may be angry, others may be depressed, and many may be in need.

When people don’t get caught or held accountable for their behavior, shoplifting can develop into an addiction. Early intervention is the key to behavioral change, especially among juveniles.

What law enforcement and the courts have found beneficial is to assign people to mandatory classes. These classes teach them to control their impulses and become law-abiding citizens. As these court-ordered classes online are part of their sentence, a failure to attend and complete sends them back to court for a harsher penalty.

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