Friday, February 26, 2021

How to Avoid Public Intoxication

alcohol being poured into a glass
All across the country, people are looking for ways to spend time outside with friends and family. Between the social distancing guidelines and the nice weather, being outside can be the best place for people to be right now. However, if your outdoor social activities involve drinking alcohol, you could wind up facing some negative consequences, including court-ordered classes.

Public Drinking Laws

In many parts of the country, it is unlawful to drink alcohol in a public space, including parks. Often, you must get an alcohol permit for a special event in order to lawfully serve, sell, or drink in a public park. People caught drinking in public can be given hefty fines and court-ordered classes, depending on whether other offenses are involved.

Public intoxication is also illegal. While having a single beer on the beach or in a park may not draw the attention of law enforcement, being drunk and loud, combative, or inappropriate often does. Being intoxicated in public and creating a public disturbance are summary conviction offenses that can result in large fines, court-ordered classes, and sometimes imprisonment as well.

What To Do?

The public drinking laws and penalties are harsh to deter people from these behaviors. While there are advocates hoping the law will relax around public drinking restrictions to help stop overcrowding in indoor bars and restaurants, the best advice is to drink in your own home, with friends. Additionally, if you find that drinking is becoming a habit, please seek some assistance with quitting altogether.

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